The Great Resignation in Australia is imminent, and you need to prepare…

If you think the candidate shortage this year has been a struggle, I’ve got some tough news – it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

All over the world, there’s been a seismic shift in the movement of talent and employees are quitting their jobs in droves. The pandemic has forced people to reevaluate their lives, and if their job doesn’t align with their personal values and lifestyle goals, they’re calling it quits in search of a role that does. Millions in the US and the UK already have, in a trend that’s been coined ‘The Great Resignation’… and it’s hitting the tech industry pretty hard.

Why are employees abandoning ship?

The radical events of 2020-21 have changed how we think, how we communicate and most significantly, how we do business. As we emerge from multiple harsh lockdowns, people are digging deep, reassessing their priorities and reflecting on what’s important to them.

They’re asking themselves questions like:

  • Do I actually enjoy my job?
  • Does this company align with my own purpose and values?
  • Did my employer treat me well during the pandemic?
  • Does this job give me the flexibility and work life balance I need?
  • Does my salary reflect my output?

During the pandemic, many employees stayed at companies they might otherwise have left purely for the financial security and the need to stay employed through uncertain times.

But as we wearily emerge from hibernation, for some people, the thought of spending their precious time commuting to a workplace they dread, is no longer worth it. As job vacancies continue to increase, those who would have jumped ship earlier will finally bite the bullet.

The fact is, pandemics have an ability to reshape society at fundamental levels. And as an employer, you have to adapt sooner rather than later if you want to hold on to your best people.

How can employers prepare for this?

The standardisation of remote working has been COVID-19’s greatest legacy. The convenience of being able to work from home was once a perk but is now expected by most office-based employees, especially for those with families. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to reassess your flexible working policies.

The importance of health and wellbeing has also come to the fore during the pandemic, and employers that don’t make a point to care for employees’ mental health shouldn’t expect loyalty. People will naturally gravitate to companies with proven wellbeing programs and that strive to look after them.

There are obvious signs the ‘The Great Resignation’ is hitting us next. According to a Gartner survey of more than 1,500 Australians, around one in four Aussies are job hunting already.

So, strap in and brace yourself because it’s going to be another wild year in the tech talent space. And if you do find yourself with a mass exodus on your hands, make sure you can genuinely say you’ve done everything in your power to keep them.

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